Shower Enclosures

Having the right shower enclosures can transform your bath from normal to extraordinary and we at Aluma Glass pride ourselves on being the leaders in the market. We have a variety of options available meant to fit both your budget and style while matching the theme throughout the rest of your home. Contact us today and let us help make the bathroom of your dreams.

Custom Frameless Shower Enclosures

Your shower is as unique as the rest of your house, so it needs a door just as unique. That’s where our custom frameless shower enclosures outshine the rest.

From simple, yet elegant swinging doors and splash guards to dramatic sliding enclosures, we can custom design shower doors that help create the bathroom you’ve only dreamed about.

Our Glass

We have made it a point throughout our many years in business to only offer the highest quality of products on the market. The glass we use for our custom shower enclosures is a heavy-duty, 3/8” tempered plate glass designed to withstand even the roughest of use and last for generations. Plus, we offer several options when it comes to the color, including:

  • Rain
  • Clear
  • Satin Etch
  • And many more.

The Hardware

The hardware you choose for your custom shower is just as critical, if not more so than the glass. Not only does the hardware add to the design style of the bathroom, but it also allows for the functionality of your enclosure itself. You want hardware that will last; hardware that not only continues to function year after year but will also retain its appearance without diminishing.

Looking for replacement hardware?

Our shower experts can help you find the right hardware to match your existing shower enclosure. This is suitable for many scenarios, including:

  • Upgrading or remodeling your bathroom,
  • Replacing broken hardware,
  • Or increasing the functionality of your existing shower.

While custom shower doors and hardware are appropriate for many occasions, they can only be installed on tile surround. To find out if your bathroom is right for a custom shower enclosure, contact us today and let our experts help you make the best decision for your bath.

Fleurco Shower door systems

Custom shower doors aren’t the only option we have at Aluma Glass. We offer a wide variety of pre-built shower door kits, including the Fleurco shower door systems. While these aren’t able to be customized, we door offer a wide range of options, allowing you to pick the right style for your bathroom’s budget and design.

Built to last

Each shower door kit is built to the highest of standards to allow them to withstand years of use without degrading their looks or functionality. Each shower door kit comes with:

  • Tempered glass panes with thicknesses ranging from 4mm to 12 mm, depending on the style and kit you choose.
  • Options for clear, ultra-clear, mist, or raindrop glass panes.
  • Interchangeable hardware systems that allow you to have a shower that matches the rest of your bathroom and house.

Many Styles to choose from

While the Fleurco shower kits cannot be customized, there are several styles to choose from to match your design and budget. Want an elegant multi-panel shower enclosure with defined trim lines? We have the right fit for you. Do you prefer the basic, minimalistic design style? A pre-built kit might be best for you.

The upside to the Fleurco shower kits is the ability to get a highly sought-after style that requires relatively low maintenance to keep it clean and functional. The fact that these kits require a fiberglass tub or shower also makes installation easy and non-evasive to your surrounding bathroom.

If you’re looking for a replacement bathtub or shower enclosure and are on a tight budget, a Fleurco shower system might be the best option for you.

Coastal Shower Door Systems

If you are looking for a shower system that combines excellent manufacturing with futuristic, modern designs, a Coastal shower system might be right for you. These pre-built shower kits offer our customers the finest of both worlds; shower enclosures that are sure to turn the eyes of guests and potential buyers while maintaining lower costs when compared to the custom shower enclosures.

Many styles and functions to choose from

Don’t let the term “pre-built” fool you. These shower systems by Coastal offer many of the same functionality options as a custom shower door, as well as some of the most innovative designs on the market. Some of the available door types include:

  • Sliding: this includes single pane and frameless doors, and everything in between.
  • Swinging: you can choose from a modern, grid-style frame with inline panels to the classic, frameless plane door.
  • Fixed Panel: designed to allow you the freedom of no shower door while still providing a water block, our fixed-panel enclosures complement both your free spirit and style.


In many of the kits we offer, the hardware is interchangeable, allowing you to find the appropriate style to match your bathroom. The most attractive part about our hardware, though, is how long it will last. Our hardware is designed to not rust, even with the harshest of water conditions, and still retain its functionality.

No matter what your shower experience is, Aluma Glass has the right fit for your next shower enclosure. Our glass shower enclosures are manufactured using only the highest grade of materials so you can trust your shower doors will stand the test of time. Come into our showroom today to see for yourself our stylish collections. Or contact our shower experts today for help finding the most suitable fit for your style and budget needs.